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The Deer Tick Brings Yet Another Disease Risk to Massachusetts

The Powassan virus (POW) has now made its presence known in the Cape. In fact, 4 of 6 local sites setup for testing by the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and the Laboratory of Medical Zoology at Umass- Amherst have confirmed … Continue reading

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Is There Finally Hope for a NEW Lyme Vaccine for Humans?

While the controversy around the rise and fall of a Lyme disease vaccine for humans is a touchy subject, we can’t help but be excited when new science is published that gives us hope for a new Lyme vaccine. Living … Continue reading

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Lone Star Ticks: The New Tick on The Block

Here in the North Shore of Massachusetts, we are pretty well versed in the dangers brought by deer ticks & wood ticks. Most of us know how to avoid ticks and are pretty comfortable (although still grossed out) with pulling … Continue reading

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Could 2016 Become the Year of the Tick?

As we have enjoyed the first unusually mild days, teasing us that spring is coming, we can’t help but begin to think about ticks. We’re beginning to receive regular calls from clients who are finding ticks on their kids and … Continue reading

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The Benefits of North Shore Mosquito and Tick Control Barrier Spray

“What are the real benefits?” We get asked this question fairly regularly when people are looking for a solution to their mosquito and tick problem. The immediate answer we give is always, “Prevention.” When you are a part of our … Continue reading

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Striking a Deadly Blow Against Ticks and Lyme Disease

As you read this, many of our local ticks are finishing off their third blood meal, which means they are mature enough to lay eggs. For the Ixodes scapularis, better known as the black-legged deer tick, this final feast can … Continue reading

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Keeping the Bugs Out of Your Next Clambake or BBQ

Summer’s in full swing here in the North Shore and few things say “outdoor entertaining” better than a delicious New England clambake and BBQ. From birthday parties, to wedding receptions, or family reunions– getting outside with your family, friends, and … Continue reading

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