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Chronic Lyme Disease May Actually Exist – But Not Like We Thought

If there was one saying that was true for Lyme Disease it would be, “The more I understand, the more confused I become.” In the 32 years since Lyme was named as the disease making several people sick in Lyme, … Continue reading

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Tick Guide : Mosquito Squad of the North Shore discusses tick identification – a must read!

There are nearly 900 species of ticks in the world. With so many ticks, it’s easy to assume they don’t all look alike. Nature is diverse and the tick participates fully in that diversity. From their color, appearance and the … Continue reading

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Scientists Concerned That Cases of WNV and EEE May Be High This Year On The North Shore MA.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes in the Eastern part of MA have just tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus (WNV). Eastern Equine Encephalitis was detected in mosquitoes in Plymouth County, Mass. West Nile Virus (WNV) was detected in … Continue reading

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One Gift You Don’t Want From The Caribbean Is Chikungunya

Were you one of the many North Shore residents who planned a Caribbean vacation for this summer? It’s certainly a popular summer vacation destination for many US residents. Sun, sand, surf, island nightlife; the Caribbean has it all. After the … Continue reading

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Take it from our North Shore customers – it just works, it really works!

At Mosquito Squad of the North Shore, customer service is our top priority. To make sure we’re doing our job and our service is really protecting our North Shore customers from fleas and ticks, Mosquito Squad utilizes a third party … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease Is Not The Only Tick Disease on the Central Mass North Shore

Lyme Disease gets much of the news when we read about tick-borne illnesses.  Bacteria cause Lyme Disease and the lesser-known Anaplasmosis.  Another tick-borne illness, Babesiosis, is caused by a parasite.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, (MDPH), reports these tick-borne … Continue reading

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It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month on the North Shore and in the U.S.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Massachusetts is one of twelve states that are responsible for 95% of this country’s Lyme Disease cases. Here at home, Lyme Disease is Massachusetts’s second most common infectious disease. Mosquito Squad of the North … Continue reading

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