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UMass Medical School Identifies Human Protein Vital for Zika Replication

With so many great schools and institutions in Massachusetts, it is no surprise to learn one is on the front lines of important Zika Virus research. The lab at the UMass Medical School is breaking ground in Zika Virus research. … Continue reading

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The Zika Virus is Worse Than Expected: Is the North Shore of Massachusetts at Greater Risk than Suspected?

The Zika Virus reclaimed its spot as the top news story of 2016 when the CDC warned health and government officials that the health dangers of Zika Virus are worse than they first feared. A culmination of months of scientific … Continue reading

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“I Pulled 2 Ticks Off My Dog Today!” North Shore Mass Dogs Are At Risk For Lyme Disease

Our furry family members add so much value to our lives, nothing beats the wagging tale that greets you when you come in the door after a long day. As dog lovers, there is nothing we won’t do for our … Continue reading

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Could 2016 Become the Year of the Tick?

As we have enjoyed the first unusually mild days, teasing us that spring is coming, we can’t help but begin to think about ticks. We’re beginning to receive regular calls from clients who are finding ticks on their kids and … Continue reading

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Keeping the Bugs Out of Your Next Clambake or BBQ

Summer’s in full swing here in the North Shore and few things say “outdoor entertaining” better than a delicious New England clambake and BBQ. From birthday parties, to wedding receptions, or family reunions– getting outside with your family, friends, and … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease and Newburyport Tick Control

Newburyport physician, Dr. Mark Su, is one of the few doctors to still make house calls. He also considers himself to be a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD).  This means he takes a very open-minded professional and holistic approach to both … Continue reading

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Mosquito Control North Shore For West Nile Virus and Asian Tiger Mosquitoes

The 2015 mosquito season has not even officially begun, and we already have a positive case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Essex County. There are currently five cases in neighboring Middlesex County. According to the CDC, West Nile Virus … Continue reading

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