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Lone Star Ticks: The New Tick on The Block

Here in the North Shore of Massachusetts, we are pretty well versed in the dangers brought by deer ticks & wood ticks. Most of us know how to avoid ticks and are pretty comfortable (although still grossed out) with pulling … Continue reading

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Lyme Disease’s Dangerous “Cousin”: Powassan Virus Is On The Rise

Powassan Virus (POWV) is making news again and it affects you and Essex tick control. In large part, as theorized by Yale’s Dr. Durland Fish, professor of epidemiology, this is due to the rise in infection noticed in the deer … Continue reading

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Protecting your Pet from Lyme Disease: Tick Control North Shore

Can your dog or cat get Lyme Disease, too? What are the symptoms you should look for? What can been done to protect your pets? These are serious questions for many residents of the North Shore, who want to keep … Continue reading

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Chronic Lyme Disease May Actually Exist – But Not Like We Thought

If there was one saying that was true for Lyme Disease it would be, “The more I understand, the more confused I become.” In the 32 years since Lyme was named as the disease making several people sick in Lyme, … Continue reading

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Are North Shore Mass Residents Really At Risk For Tick Diseases?

As a resident of North Shore, you have probably read a number of stories on taking precautions to prevent Lyme Disease. After being outdoors and returning inside, checking for ticks should be a routine for everyone. Ticks are a serious … Continue reading

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Tick Removal First – Torture It Later

Nothing makes you say ewww more than removing an embedded tick. You may be able to easily remove a tick from a pet but may have a hard time doing so on a family member or yourself. Others of us can remove … Continue reading

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Borrelia Miyamotoi identified in Massachusetts this week, adding to the importance of remaining steadfast and vigilant with your tick control and prevention programs on the homefront!

As the days become shorter and summer draws to a close, the dangers of tick-borne illness and disease makes it’s presence know once again right here in Mass., where the newly discovered Borrelia Miyamotoi bacteria causes residents to fall ill to the wrath of another disease spread by the deer tick! Continue reading

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