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Is There Finally Hope for a NEW Lyme Vaccine for Humans?

While the controversy around the rise and fall of a Lyme disease vaccine for humans is a touchy subject, we can’t help but be excited when new science is published that gives us hope for a new Lyme vaccine. Living … Continue reading

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Our Local Ticks and Saugus Tick Control

Few creatures inspire dread like a tick. Seeing one on yourself or your dog is likely to give you a strong case of the heebie-jeebies. Removing them is requires a steady hand and firm resolve. We would rather simply not … Continue reading

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Travelling? Tick Sick? Quick Illness Tick Facts for Andover MA Tick Control

Travel plans this summer? Throughout the U.S., it is important to keep in mind the various symptoms and illness that can be derived from different regional ticks and their bites. Whether you are planning a local staycation or a state-hopping … Continue reading

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Tick Guide : Mosquito Squad of the North Shore discusses tick identification – a must read!

There are nearly 900 species of ticks in the world. With so many ticks, it’s easy to assume they don’t all look alike. Nature is diverse and the tick participates fully in that diversity. From their color, appearance and the … Continue reading

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If A Barrier Spray Eliminates Ticks, Why Use Tick Tubes?

If you’re considering a way to eliminate ticks from your yard, you’ve probably read about barrier sprays or yard sprays. More and more county health departments list barrier sprays as an effective means to reduce your exposure to tick-borne diseases. … Continue reading

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Why you need a tick tube protection service on the North Shore

As you know, Lyme Disease is a serious health risk in the Northeast and Essex County is no stranger to Lyme Disease. In 2012, there were 311 confirmed cases of Lyme Disease as reported on Mass.gov Dept of Health and Human … Continue reading

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Borrelia Miyamotoi identified in Massachusetts this week, adding to the importance of remaining steadfast and vigilant with your tick control and prevention programs on the homefront!

As the days become shorter and summer draws to a close, the dangers of tick-borne illness and disease makes it’s presence know once again right here in Mass., where the newly discovered Borrelia Miyamotoi bacteria causes residents to fall ill to the wrath of another disease spread by the deer tick! Continue reading

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